A dental crown can be described as a cap in the shape of a tooth that is placed over a patients tooth to protect it, restore its size, shape, and strength. It also greatly improves the persons appearance. There are several different kinds of dental crowns available in the market and they are used during different situations. Here are common situations where the need for a dental crown may arise.

  • Root canal: After this treatment, the tooth is hollowed out and it could cause the remaining tooth to start cracking. A crown will prevent the tooth from cracking and getting damaged further.
  • Fillings: In case of large fillings that involve a major portion of the tooth, a crown will need to be secured over the tooth so that the tooth remains protected.
  • Excessive wear: Some people have the habit of gritting and grinding their teeth. This causes their teeth to become shorter and weaker over time. The enamel can also become eroded due to bulimia, gastrointestinal acid reflux, or even an acidic diet.
  • Cracked teeth or broken cusps: Teeth can become cracked or broken due to incorrect chewing techniques or trauma. Crowns can hold teeth together and prevent the tooth from being damaged further or falling off.
  • Unpleasant appearance: Teeth play a major role in a persons appearance, so unacceptable cases like discoloration, misshapen teeth, or gaps can be rectified using crowns which given a very natural look.

These are the common situations where dental crowns become necessary. For more details on dental crowns and their applications, schedule a consultation with Dr Sofie Bui to assess and discuss your treatment options. Tel. (07) 5593 2810.